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shopping season, but how are you coping in this atmosphere, in this recession? how is america surviving? tonight, we revisit some of the key economic stories affecting your life, the collapse of the dollar, global currency. it is an eye-opening show you can't afford to miss. hello, america. happy black friday, the official start of the christmas shopping season, but how merry will this chris christmas be if we're facing a $12 trillion national debt this year -- $12 trillion? that's up from $6 trillion 7 and a half years a ago. we are literally spending ourselves into oblivion and there's no end in sight. i want to show you a video from cnbc. i was dumbfounded by this interview because the host didn't say, what? i have never heard anyone on television say these things before i saw this. >> oil looks higher. gold looks higher. currencies look weaker, all for the reasons that we talked about before. you've got huge wage disparities. i don't know how that inevitably resolves itself t may resolve itself in some type of global currency crisis, and then if the global currency crisis unfolds, t
a message to america and the message is [ muted ]. >> an exclusive interview with the man who turned hard core into hard time. >>> plus, going home with a porn star. she really is the girl next door, and we'll reveal her true identity. >>> but next, it could be a hollywood blockbuster. the most expensive porn film ever made. was it worth the investment? >>> and the problem that could bring an entire industry to its knees. >> when you get something for free, you never want to pay for it. >> "porn: business of pleasure" will be right back. ll this program containseeeee mature sexual content. viewer discretion is advised. >> melissa lee: this is the making of one of the biggest budget porn movies ever. an 80-foot pirate ship built >>> this is the making of one of the biggest budget porn movies ever. an 80-foot pyrochip built on a hollywood sound stage. sword fight training for the actors. elaborate sets and costumes. computer-generated fighting skeletons and killer monsters. and there's even a plot. >> my name is edward reynolds. >> to go along with the sex. "pirates 2: revenge" breaks
. >> is congress going insane? lawmakers said to be crafting another $100 billion in stimulus even though america's economy has lost 3 million jobs since the first stimulus having some folks remind us insanity snow so is doing more intimidate will you explain to welcome to "forbes on fox." let's go in focus with steve forbes. by the way how capitalism will save us is literally flying off book shels everywhere. also joining us our panel. david: so is this insane? >> david, it's clinically insane. now you can understand the process that leads to thcht the democrats are now here's the anyone an 12k4i -- part of this is capital constraint. but when i go around the country to talk to small business peep, they are playing defence because they are worried about health care, cap and trade and forced unionization. so the irony, the inst. san to the best of my recollection you are purviewing they were he comes to a burning house and throws water on the house and see the house was charred and say gee it's not going to work. but right now there's no one else spending. i think we do zpwhove -- we do need a s
to yourself, there's no with a hoe long to issue in america stai today. jobs. all that and hate the winter? don't fear cold. make money from it. johnathan hone i go tells you how. here and only here. your money, your life and staying ahead of the game, "cashin' in" starts now. >> continuing fallout from climategate. is it about to save america's economy? preaching global warming. found to be snowe is this just what the economy order centered hello i'm cheryl welcome to "cashin' in." our "cashin' in" crew for the week. hello. joining us this week is director of public citizens energy program tyson slocombe. welcome to everybody, you said climategate is the just what our economy needed. why do you say that, sir? >> this is best thing possible for our economy and climate. i've been in antarctica. i believe open? environmental seentist fo this does glirp if these boeing gus tine assists zpwhow >> tyson, let me read you one of these emails. we can't account for global warming right now. >> these are just kipal of emails by some sloppy scientists. the fact is that the changes to our climate is a
commissioner, and on america and the courts, and look at recent changes in the supreme court. >> american icons, three nights of c-span original documentary on the iconic homes of the three branches of american government continues. tonight at 8:00 p.m., the capitol. american icons, tonight at 8:00 p.m. on c-span. get your own copy of american icons, a 3 disk dtv said. order online at c-span.org /store. >> this week, a discussion with fcc commissioner meredith atwell maker. she discusses net neutrality, media ownership rules, and federal rabin policy. >> meredith atwell maker is the best this week on "the communicators." also here is kim hart to join in the questioning. if we did start with the issue of network neutrality and debt management. reduce the price that chairman genachowski emphasize this as his priority -- were you surprised? >> certainly the president had outlined in his campaign speeches, so we knew this was a priority of the chairman. i think a lot like to start with something we all agree on, which is the fact that we ought to have an open internet and we want to have the free f
, there is no group in america, probably not even the jews themselves, which cites more passionately with israel and the war being waged against it by the arab muslim world and which is more steadfast in upholding israel's right to defend itself against its sworn enemies than the so-called religious right. yet instead of forging the pluto alliance for this community, jewish liberals look for ways to justify their refusal to do so. at the same time, perfectly willing to make common cause for the so-called mainline protestant denominations despite the fact that unfriendliness and even outright hostility to israel have become pervasive in that sector of the christian world. a similar situation exists in the strictly political realm here although poll data show self-described conservatives and self-described republicans sympathizing with israel in much greater proportions than liberals self-described liberals that is, and self-described democrats. for example, in a pew survey taken early this year, 60 percent of conservatives sided with israel against a person with the palestinians. whereas a compar
's a quote from the story. in a few short decades, america underwent, i think, a fantastic transformation in politics, society and the culture. and i think most people wanted what had happened and who were they at the end of this period. in the decades following the revolution. before the revolution, america had been a collection of british colonies composed of some 2 million subjects, hobbled along the atlantic coast 3000 miles from the centers of civilization. european outpost so to speak whose cultural focus was still not the metropolitan center of the empire. by 1815, following the second war with great britain which is often referred to as a second war of independence independence, these insignificant problems had become a single giant, in a republic with nearly 10 million citizens, many of whom had already spilled over the appellations into the western territories. a cultural focus of this new, huge expansive nation was no longer a broad. it was instead directed inward at its own boundless possibilities. americans knew they were grand experiment of democracy, but they were competent
in the middle of 18 acres known as the president's part, the white house has been home to each of america's chief executives since john adams, with west and east wings added. it has undergone many changes, but the courthouse still remains a place of them recognized. divided into public and private sections, its ground and first floors are open for tours. above that or the private quarters of the family. inside the central mansion, there are 132 rooms, with a floor plan that unites the ground, state, and second floor with a centrally located oval shaped room. on the ground floor in the central space is the diplomatic reception room, with the map room, library, and china rooms complementing it on either side. one floor up is the state floor, anchored by the blue room in the center, with the state dining room at 1 did the hall, the east room at the other, and the red and green rooms of to either side of the blue state parlor. on the second-floor private residence, the yellow oval room is the central space, ordered by the treaty room, lincoln bedroom, and the queen's room to the east of it. p
in the middle of 18 acres known as the president's park, the white house has been home to each of america's chief executives since john adams, with west and east wings added. it has undergone many changes, but the courthouse still remains a place of them recognized. divided into public and private sections, its ground and first floors are open for tours. above that are the private quarters of the family. inside the central mansion, there are 132 rooms, with a floor plan that unites the ground, state, and second floor with a centrally located oval shaped room. on the ground floor in the central space is the diplomatic reception room, with the map room, library, and china rooms complementing it on either side. one floor up is the state floor, anchored by the blue room in the center, with the state dining room at 1 did the hall, the east room at the other, and the red and green rooms of to either side of the blue state parlor. on the second-floor private residence, the yellow oval room is the central space, ordered by the treaty room, lincoln bedroom, and the queen's room to the east of it.
>> coming up, president obama wants america to give thanks by sharing the bounty. mmm. has he seen the deficit? >> sharing our wealth is a common theme from the white house. here's part of president obama's annual pro stock la may go. >> i encourage all the people of the united states to come together to express appreciation to those whose lives enrich our own. ben, are you going to get a social security check or iou because with $12 trillion in debt i don't know if there's any bounty left to share? >> well, i'm not going to get social security. this is city a country in which well to do people have a lot to give to less we forpe there's no more money throughout mr. obama for you to spend on your fantasy projects. weaver broke. >> there are some people out there. an andy warhol silk screen went for big money. but you brought up a point. it's somebody making $250,000 or $300,000 or the small business owner. >> everybody will feel the pain. it channels down this past year, $3.5 trillion were spent tor snore but you have to have something to give. and i'm sorry the well has run dry.
. and the result has left scientists baffled. >>> good morning, america. >> good morning. it is saturday, november 28th. >> happy to have david muir along with us this morning. bill's been working really hard. and he started to feel a little under the weather. >> sleeping it off this morning. good to have you with us. >>> the morning papers, we were talking about this morning. tiger woods, what exactly happened over the weekend. the 2:30 in the morning accident. a lot of questions surrounding him. >> he seems to be okay. it was minor. we'll get all the details. >>> if you're one of the estimated 100 million people hitting the stores today, are you crazy? just kidding. some of the deals out there may seem too good to pass up. maybe you should pass them up toda we'll tell you which items will likely be even cheaper the closer we get to christmas. and which ones you should run out and get right now. >> it's hard to know. >>> also this morning, you remember that northwest flight that overshot the minneapolis airport by a lot, 150 miles. thisorning, for the first time, we hear what was going on in the
scientists baffled. >>> good morning, america. >> good morning. it is saturday, november 28th. >> happy to have david muir along this morning. bill weir is a little under the weather. >> a lot of you waking up to your morning paper. tiger woods involved in an accident at 2:30 in the morning. we'll have more on that. >>> also, if you're one of the estimated 100 million people in the stores yesterday. some of the deals may have seemed too good to pass up. but some items may get even cheaper as we get closer to the holidays. >>> we all remember the northwest flight in a overshot the minneapolis airport by 150 miles. a long shot. this morning, for the first time, we hear what was going on in the cockpit. how did those pilots explain themselves once air traffic controllers were finally able to reach them after, what? 80 minutes or so. >> right. >>> also, thousands of americans starting a new tradition this holiday weekend. creating family memories. it's a national project, encouraging families to set aside just an hour to record an interview with a loved one. we'll get into why the oral hist
with critical information about the true state of jobs in america, where are we, where are we going, and more importantly, how do you find a job if you're out of work? >> at the end of 2007 when the recession began, the unemployment rate was below 5%. for those 7 million jobs we've lost since, how long will it take to get those jobs back? >> well, with us for the hour, christy freeland and rutgers professor bill rogers, former chief economist with the department of labor. thank you for being here. bill, you have been poring through the numbers. it's bad. we all know it's bad. i think most people need to know where is the trend. where is it going? >> most private sector forecasts are looking at over the next few years, we're going to be at 9% to 10%. there is the congressional budget office led by doug elmendorf they are willing to take that risk and they recognize there's a bigger e.r.a..or as y era going out and it's going to take us a while to get back to full employment to recover the 7 million jobs. plus the 3 million americans who are now becoming of age and moving into the labor force.
's package shows from the drones, from other sorts of attacks. so america doesn't have enough forces on the ground to actually hurt the taliban. the idea would be to put pressure on them, to turn the screw and to bring them to the negotiating table which we see the afghan government trying to do. more importantly, and perhaps poignantly, we have the indian leader in the country today meeting with the president. and what americans need to understand, and this is a bit difficult, american soldiers are dying, more because of india's rivalry with pakistan, using afghanistan as a battlefield than it has anything to do with jihad or holy woar or the taliban. >> obviously, michael, that's something the president talked about with the prime minister of india today. i know there's been a split. i have spoken with senior administration officials over months on end here about this top down versus bottom up approach that you either build up the afghan army and police or try to work with the war lords, the small militia groups to take on the taliban themselves. how do you think more u.s. troops i
-to-basics' movement across america is a very, very good thing. i expect that the savings rate is going to stay markedly higher than it was, say a couple of years ago, right, donna, when it was negative 2%. and so this is a good thing. we've all had to ween ourselves from credit and that's good for the american economy and for the global economy going forward. >> well, lynnette, great thoughts. great thoughts, everybody. stay put. we're just getting started. unemployment is over 10%. how safe is your job right now in going forward? and also tackle your number one investment, your home. >>> since the beginning of the recession back in december 2007 the unemployment rate has gone from 4.9% all the way past the double-digit mark. the unemployment rate jumped to 2.2% in october. that's the highest since 1983. and with these numbers, this startling, when will we see a recoveried on the jobs front? donna, i want to turn to you. 7.3 million americans unemployed since the beginning of the recession. where are jobs we've been promised? >> lost more than 7 million jobs. the unemployment vate the highest
who understand what it is all about and the whole gist of the conversation is that america is going to go on continuing to be the preeminent worldç power. perhaps challenged but we are going to keep on doing pretty much the way we have done it. do you suppose that barack ob ç obama, in these five sessions that he has hadi] in the last f weeks over the future policy in afghanistan, has brought in anybody who asks the question, what is it going to cost? and is this accountant willing to pay thoseç costs to maintai this kind of international policy into the foreseeable futu future? >> one more question.ç >> i'm a graduate student of the politics department. my question is similar to the last two and gets back to the theme of the lastç panel whichs strategic lessons learned. i was intrigued by professor zelikow's comments that after 9/11 the lesson learned was decisive actionç was decisivel rewarded and the threat emerges deal with it now and chop off its head now, take care of it before it gets any worse. and while you didn't explicitly say what the lesson was of çç, my
. >> kelly: this week on the journal editorial report, a holy war here in america. the domestic is real, but are we prepared to fight it. as the president prepares to make the afghanistan announcement. democrats say they won't support a bigger troop increase without a bigger tax increase. congress tees off on tim geithner some say the treasury secretary should go. is he really the one making economic policy in this administration? welcome to the journal editorial report, i'm paul gigot. federal officials announced charges against eight people they say recruited dozens of young americans to join an al-qaeda linked group in somalia. the disappearance of more than 20 young somali men from minneapolis the last two years, most of them u.s. citizens who federal authorities say traveled to somalia to join the terror group fighting to establish a muslim state in somalia and recently pledgedist allegiance to osama bin laden. officials say it's one of the most extensive terror investigations and how well prepared the u.s. is to deal with home grown islamic terrorists. a former ceo officer
is certainly not happy and spoke with "good morning america" about the incident. >> she's a good kid, not a dog. she don't deserve to be treated inhumane. she's not a tiger. >> upset father there. we'll take your calls. we want to know you what think. 1-877-tell-hln is the number. joining us to talk about it, a former sex crimes prosecutor, nicole and also a detective lieutenant from the new jersey police department. steve, let me read you a facebook comment from willy g. writing, a taser should only be used when a person cannot physically be taken into custody. i hardly think this 10-year-old girl could not be contained. i think that's what a lot of people are thinking. you're trying to tell me a cop couldn't restrain a 10-year-old without using a taser? >> mike, i have to agree. i've got some issues with this. i believe and what i'm troubled about is that the officer actually asked the mother if he could taser her which leads me to believe he was questioning his own judgment. a police officer's nightmare is to go into a violent situation involving a child, but before the days of tasers there
and addressing key economic challenges facing america's future. additional funding is provided by the following supporters -- >>> good evening, i'm martin savidge. thank you for joining us. a sign of growing alarm about iran, the board of governors of the united nations nuclear watchdog agency issued a severe reprimand of iran today. a censure for failing to take steps to assure the world its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes and not for military uses 25 countries backed the resolution, including most notably russia and china, paving the way for a possible new set of international sanctions against iran. this latest development including iran's reaction and expert analysis is our lead focus. the once secret nuclear enrichment facility outcome was at the core of the international agency's rebuke of iran today. vote 25-3, a rare overwhelming display of disapproval, from the iaea's governing body which urged iran to freeze construction at the facility and express serious concern about potential military aspects of iran's nuclear program. iran insists its nuclear program is for peaceful purp
weekend for america's the first hard numbers on a make or break weekend for america's retailers. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. what began as an early morning car crash involving the world's richest athlete is making headlines beyond the sports globe. tiger woods was hospitalized after smashing his suv into a tree declined to meet for investigators for a second time today raising new questions about what happened and how his wife, elin, may have been involved. nbc's cristen dahlgren is here the woods' home in windermere, gra. >> reporter: there's a village of media outside tiger woods gated community. this was a day authorities thought they would get to speak to woods and his wife. yesterday they were told he was sleeping and wasn't able to talk, and today another brush off. tiger woods' wife elin drove into their gated community this morning with a stare but no comment for the army of reporters about the crash that injured her husband early friday morning. these are some of the first images from a local television station of woods' manage ammed cadillac s
. >> smith: armen keteyian, thank you. this, of course, is black friday the day when america's retailers hope to turn a year's worth of red ink into the color of profits. an estimated 134 million americans will hit the stores by sunday and don teague reports shoppers need to take note: retailers insist the prices you see that weekend may be the best you'll see that holiday season. >> reporter: the nation's retailers have spent months getting ready for today. >> if you're in retail today, there are some butterflies. i think there is some caution. it's been a very difficult year. >> reporter: american consumers seem ready, too. >> i love to shop but i'm definitely going for the sales and the bargains and trying to down scale a little bit more. >> reporter: with the still sluggish economy and double digit unemployment, retailers and consumers appear to be playing a game of retail chess, with stores saying they're offering their best deals early and consumers cautiously buying. >> i was laid off from work, so we're going to have a small, short christmas this year. >> everyone's a little bit more
t snacks a day. >> reporter: vass is the new face of hunger in middle-class america. she owns a home in a connecticut suburb that looks like a norman rockwell painting. now about five days a week she eats at a soup kitchen, where there are so many others like her. >> how often do you come here? >> every day. this is the first time i've ever been down like this in life. >> this area is where we will distribute the food. >> reporter: food pantries like this one in new york city have never seen such demand. >> we'll have about 500 or 600 families that use this space. >> 500 or 600 today? >> just today. >> hunger in america is really kind of dirty little secret. >> reporter: vicki izquera heads feeding america, a major hunger relief organization. she showed us around a 90,000-square-foot warehouse storing food for distribution in new york, a fraction of the charity's nationwide effort. >> this crisis that we're dealing with involving 49 million people is likely to take a couple of years to begin seeing recovery. >> i don't know how long -- how much longer i can handle it. there's all the
and public tours into those rarely seen spaces of the white house, america's most famous home. explore the history, art, and architecture of the capital, one of america's most symbolic structures. american icons, a three-disc dvd said. it is $24.95 plus shipping and handling. order it online at c-span.org. the 2010 studentcam contest is on. the top prize is $5,000. create a 5-8 minute video. it must incorporate cspan programming and show varying points of view. the deadline is january 20. winning entries will be shown on c-span. grab a camera and get started. >> "washington journal "washington journal continues. >> we have a senior fellow on environmental studies. host: i want to read to you from "the new york times" a call this morning. scientists are calling for a change in the studies on global warming. guest: we got to this point by not being very transparent. it would suggest that the reviewers for the papers and literatures who would intimidate the editors of journals who would publish papers that they did not like by so-called skeptics. what happened is that this is a result of
's relationship which guards interest of america, relationship with afghanistan and pakistan and that's a difficult order because right now you have unpopular, leaders. >> theoretically, general, that's what the strategy is all about. do you see a strategy coming? >> first of all, i think we need both. we need additional troops to get enough boots on the ground to affect any strategy and the ambassador is absolutely right. we need a strategy and needs to do three things. first thing it's got to reverse the initiative, take the initiative away from the enemy. right now, the taliban owns the upper hand on the battlefield and secondly as the ambassador says reduce corruption in afghanistan and pakistan and third and probably most difficult, brian, is train the iraqi army, the afghan army and police force. right now, the afghan army probably has no more than 45,000 in order to get the ratios they need about a quarter after million a lot of troops to train in very little time. >> brian: let me ask you a question we've been talking about just before the show and that is about morale. milit
are iming on a ferry. and 1300 are secretly checking email on a vacation. that's happening now. america's most dependable 3g network. bringing you the first and only wireless 4g network. right now get a free 3g/4g device for your laptop. sprint. the now network. deaf, hard-of-hearing and people with speech disabilities access www.sprintrelay.com female announcer: from jennifer, a sweeping chaise sectional at the unheard of price, now just $399. with luxurious styling and so affordable, $399. from jennifer. >>> hello, welcome back to "cnn saturday" it is 6:30 on the east coast. >> and i'm brianna keiler in for bet betty new win. >>> heading back to tiger woods' home to investigate shim about a car crash. he hit a fire rye drant and free near his home in orlando. >> he was on the ground semi unconscious and had lacerations to his upper and lower lip. >> this happened at woods' home, again, in a suburb outside orlando. police say the accident was not alcohol related. no other cars were involved. we'll be talking about this a lot more this morning. >>> washington ready to push for significa
. my interrogater told me that the americans, america is waning, america's power is waning and we are going to be the superpower very soon. and we have allies all over the world, all over the region in lebanon, in iraq, in afghanistan, in venezuela, in bolivia. but at the same time they are afraid of individuals like me who are just doing their jobs, you know. i don't have that much power. most of these people that they arrested are just individuals and they were just demonstrating peacefully. so that is the mentality of the revolutionary guard. >> rose: are they surprised that there is that kind of hostility and that kind of in depth and in width of protest against them? >> yeah, i think they are -- they were surprised in the beginning. but then they enjoyed it. the reason i'm saying is that the revolutionary guard, they only thrive in chaos. they cannot operate in a normal situation. if there is any sense of normal see and transparency, that is the end of them because they are corrupt. they do many things surreptitiously, they have these foundations that are just answerable to t
are what what they are doing, next. >> from america's news headquarters i'm kelly wright. a deadly train derailment in russia. the kremlin now telling fox news it was an act of terrorism. authorities say a homemade bomb equivalent lent to 15 pounds of tnt was placed on the tracks then detonated when the high-speed train passed over it. more than 600 passengers were onboard. >> a multi state manhunt is on the way. paul michael mayor itch of miami is believed to have opened fire on his family during thanksgiving. among the dead his pregnant sister and 6-year-old cousin. police believe he may have ape quaintenses with are helping him on the run. >> a money sore brewing a world away. dubai world spending too much, building too much now facing too much debt and on the verge of default? now does this sound familiar? now our lawmakers matt? >> well, this is just one reason we can't afford this plan. but it fwroings light the debt many countries bring on. particularly the united states. if we keep bringing on debt other countries are going to wonder if they are every going to get their money bac
their destination by 100 miles and what they had (announcer) in america we don't just dream when we sleep. we dream twenty-four seven. we dream with our slves rolled u r dreams are expressed in digits. they're made of steel. add those dreams up, that's free enterprise... growing our economy for the long-run. it's what we need to grow 20 million new jobs in the next 10 years. your dreams make the difference. american free enterprise. it's you. so dream big. >>> newly released tapes from the faa control tower shed new light on the northwest airline that overshot their destination. they were asked repeatedly for explanations to make sure the plane hadn't been hijacks. we have the report. >> reporter: it went on for an hour and 17 minutes. controllers in several states urgently trying to raise northwest 188 from san diego to minneapolis and asking each other how to handle it. >> what's their procedure, do they hold orders for it. >> i don't know. >> you can't reach them at all. after flying 150 miles past, flight 158 flies up. >> our overhead would like to make a 180. controllers become concerned the p
stores didn't fare as well? we'll ask the founder and ceo of america's group. nice to see you. look being at the lease. did it appear there were more crowds yesterday than last year? what are you seeing? our numbers said this year 37 percent of the consumers shopped on black friday compared to 33 percent last year. we saw on friday morning, more shoppers came out early to get the deals. because there was bargain driven consumers and last year best deals on big ticket items were all black friday. they brought out millions of people this morning. >> fred. clayton brought along. the zhu zhu hampster. >> i am told that is a hot selling item of the year and that's why clayton has it. he is a big zhu zhu fan. what other items were people looking for. >> be careful when adults play with one of those let me tell you. the big items this crist - christmas were flat panel tv sets. although retailers only had a dozen or so in their stores. computers continue to be a hot item. the video game industry hasn't had a great year. there was a lot of video games that sold well and some of the apparel categor
to build up troops in afghanistan. i don't think it makes america safer. >> the 34,000 troops the president is expected to send is short of the 40,000 the commander of troops in afghanistan says he needs but gordon brown says additional nato forces will fill the gap. even though casualties from the war are at an all-time high and polls show that american support is at an all-time low, mr. obama was confident this week that the public will back him. >> when the american people hear a clear rational for what we're doing there, a and how we intend to achieve our goals, that they will be supported.robert gibbs in an off-camera briefing suggested a main selling point may be light at the end of the tunnel, saying "we are in year nine of our efforts in afghanistan. we will not be there another eight or nine years" but still the issue may join healthcare reform as another disappointment with the president's democratic base. >> they're not happy with the public option which keeps getting watered down and watered down. i think there will be some political repercussions for him. >> former bush advis
join me tomorrow, noon eastern, for america's news headquarters. good evening, everyone. see you soon. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- julie: tiger woods' wife comes to his rescue after his car crash. plus, trouble for the accused party crashers. the news starts now. now the secret service says that nobody is ruling out criminal charges. tonight, new details about the security slip up, and new questions about how these two actually got inside. plus, they missed the airport by more than one hour. now, cockpit audiotapes reveal new clues about what really happened on northwest flight 188. tonight, the pilot's conversations with controllers finally exposed. first, were the superstar go for tiger woods was in and out of consciousness after a car wreck today, and his wife actually used a golf club to smash his car's rear window and bring him to safety. comments on the accident just outside woods home. he had just pulled out of his driveway when his cadillac to a hydrant, then a tree. first reports indicat
to basics movement across america is a very, very good thing. i expect that the savings rate is going to stay marketedly higher than it was a couple of years ago when it was negative 2%. we've had to wean ourselves from credit and that's good for the american economy and for the global economy going forward. >> lynnette, great thoughts. great thoughts, everybody. stay put. we're just getting started. unemployment is over 10%. how safe is your job now and going forward? we'll tackle your number one investment, your home. express each one more with downy simple pleasures feel more calm with new downy lavender serenity feel more daring with spice blossom dare feel more elegant with orchid allure now all have renewing scent pearls that help you express every side of you downy simple pleasures. feel more it's delicious. delicious. i know. but it can't have... can't have about half a i assure you it does. i was expecting... expecting sawdust and cardboard? i know. i can only taste... only taste the crunchy clusters, honey, and brown sugar. no madam, i don't have esp. ok. i'll take a box, bu
, they come with the best coverage in america. you snooze you lose. hey! i'll take it! let the chevy red tag event begin. now during the chevy red tag event, get 0 percent apr for 72 months on most '09 models. see red and save green. now at your local chevy dealer. >>> new information about the man accused of opening fire on the holocaust museum in june killing a guard. the department of corrections says it has paid more than $65,000 in medical costs for 89- year-old james von braun. the white sup prepare sirs was shot -- supremacist was shot once behind the ear by a museum guard. the next hearing in his case is monday. >>> film director roman polanski will remain behind bars until at least monday. earlier this week a swiss judge said polanski could be freed and put under house arrest. he must post a $4.5 million bail, surrender his papers and be fit with a monitoring bracelet. he fled to europe more than 30 years ago after pleading in los angeles for having sex with an underaged girl. >>> new outrage over abc's decision to cancel adam lambert's appearance on "good morning america" following
, tonight the capitol on one of america's most symbolic instructors. tonight on c-span, and get your own copy of american icons, it's 24.95 plus shipping and handling, order online. >> freelance journalist, david axe was involved with troops in afghanistan. we talk to him after his second trip to afghanistan. >> on this second trip what did you expect to see and how long had it been since you were in afghanistan? >> on my first trip, i was in the south and on this trip i wanted to go book to :-back to the south to detect progress. in 2007 i was in kabol and i headed south to see the warefforts. >> how do you make those transportations? >> you can travel to kab ul and it's just a typical commercial flight. >> how concerned are you, october was a deadly month, how concerned are you on your personal safety and what measures do you take? >> when you are embedded with u.s. forces you are required to wear the protective gear, the helmet and plates with armor. >> do they provide ai&you with that gear? >> no, you get it online or new. it's law enforcement gear. you have the same protective measu
-span. on "america and the courts," recent changes on the supreme court. the retirement of justice souter and the addition of some -- of justice sonia sotomayor. that is at 7:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> "american icons," three nights of c-span original documentaries on the iconic homes of the three branches of american government continues tonight at 8:00 p.m.. the capital, the history, art, and architecture of one of america's most symbolic structures. "american icons," tonight at 8:00 p.m. on c-span. get your own copy of "american icons." it is $24.95 plus shipping and handling. order online at c- span.org/store. >> on this vote, the yays are 60. nays are 39. 3/5 have voted in the affirmative. the motion is agreed to. >> with that vote, the senate moved its health care bill to the floor. starting monday and through december, follow the entire debate and how the bill would affect access to medical care. the public option, taxes, abortion, and medicare, live on c-span2, the only network that brings you the senate, gavel-to- gavel. >> in a report issued by the senate says three internet
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it effectively and profitably in america, and that's not true. i think people give up on manufacturing in america prematurely. it can be done. >> reporter: ali velshi, cnn, new york. >>> so how close did the white house party crashers get to president obama? take a look right here. >>> and the police pay a call on tiger woods. the latest on the middle of the night mystery that has everybody talking. >>> and celebrating at the cinema, from ninja assassins to a cartoon fox. what's on the big screen this holiday season? you're in the cnn "newsroom" where the news unfolds live this saturday, november 28th. i'm fredricka whitfield. hello again. >>> russia says it's dealing with an act of terrorism. a second bomb detonated at the site of friday's deli train derailment. authorities say the initial wreck was caused by a homemade bomb that exploded asle train traveled from moscow to st. petersburg. dozens he were killed and hundreds injured. no one was hurt in the second blast. it's a train popular with government officials, tourists, and business executives. >>> we're learning more about the cup whouple
-- though every time i watch you in "america's sweethearts," classic. that's why before we get started, i was like kiki and i was waiting for someone to tell me to push my hair back. but no one did. >> larry: it was a great movie. >> you were a great sport. >> larry: what do you mean by imperfect angel in the title? >> well, i had written a song called "imperfect" and sort of wanted it to be -- it didn't make the album. but i wanted it to be something where basically everybody but mainly like, you know, young girls or kids just growing up in school would understand that, like, it is okay not to be -- try to be perfect like the people in the magazines and everybody that we see that weighed two pounds and things that are unattainable. you know what i mean? >> larry: size 0. >> yeah. size 0 which is a fabulous invention that we all love. >> larry: so here's a song called "imperfect" and the title is in the title of the album, but don't include the song. so the obvious question is why do it? >> why? one of my very dear friends and someone i love a lot, mr. l.a. reed, the chairman of island de
grandmother was emily post -- america's most famous authority on proper etiquette. >> it started she grew up in new york city and was a part of society. in new york city during her time, she looked into customs and manners of the time and figured out what was really essential and wound up with an 800 page book that was way more than what she expected. >> part five of that book covers dining and entertaining. and the dreaded formal dining table. all these plates and glasses. how do i know which one's mine? >> cindy post senning -- >> the pat answer is well your bread plate is the one on your left. but you might not remember that and you might be seated at a table like this and not be sure which one is yours and i have a little trick for you. you just take your thumb and you index finger of each hand. make a circle like you're making an okay sign put your other finger straight up. tell me what letter that looks like -- >> "b." >> sure and that "b" would stand for bread. which would be the side your bread plate is on. your other hand now looks like a -- "d." and that would be for drink and thos
important for the soldiers in thfield and allies, the afghans, wondering whether america wilbe or no whether th will be tempora "iill give it a yr or to answer wt happens," or if it is of extre importanc a war of necsity and we will stay until we finishe >> let me ask basic questn, why are we there? >> we went in there eight yea ago because of thtaliban, and it would ging sanctuary tell al qaeda -- added they were giving sanctuary to al qaeda. did it take o eye off the ball when we switched to iraq and put all o resources really there, and afghanistan was a holding actn for more than eightears. noal qaeda has regained strength. we're not really talking in terms of defeating t taliban but perhaps getting them to neutralized. do we have a government that goes beyd the city limits of kabul? we don't reay know. >> let's be honestbout this -- a sancuary for al qaeda, like somalia, whicis a non- states date -- non-state state. but e reason we e so consumed by is is pakistan, which is on the border d has nukes and is extmely dangerous, andfter pakista india will be endangered. this is a veryig play
criticized the network on his appearance on good morning america suddenly canceled and he was quickly booked by cbs's the early show. alice, that was a pretty provocative show that he put on there. did it belong on network television, first of all, or did abc make the right decision in editing it for the west coast feed? >> i don't shock too easily on these things. but this is just hype all-around. he did it for the attention, abc tried to deal with his pr thing, the medias cover it it's a dumb story that doesn't mean much. >> and janet jackson's super bowl act-- >> who cares, who cares? >> god bless rolling stone online which called it crotch rock. >> and a long way from put your head on your shoulders. >> to adam lambert put i remember head in my hoo-ha. >> when we come back, secret e-mails with climate change, how is that story playing in the press. >> the global warming debate gets the big chill after secret details reveal a possible farce, but the press seems to be giving the story the cold shoulder. more next on news watch. (announcer) we understand. you need to save money. a >> trace:
to retreat and build the ever, ever, ever-growing government. that is not the vision for america. we want an activist america to keep our country safe by being a leader in the free world and that means to go out to the enemy, who has attacked us. they were in afghanistan and continue to be in afghanistan and pakistan. we have to keep them on the defensive instead of giving them the opportunity to regroup. shannon: congressman, there is an immense price tag for this war. your colleagues have mentioned a war tax. are you behind that idea? >> i am against further taxes to pay for this war. i think it has to be pointed out, this is not a left-right issue. here is the cato institute, harvard wrote an article about "escaping the graveyard empire's." they have a plan that gets us out of afghanistan with advisers and a new approach to intelligence and a new drug policy. this is not a left and right issue. our country is on the line. we have the middle class getting destroyed. the bureaucracy is not holding it up. it is the defense department. we cannot keep paying for the wars. the bank is alread
,000 tax credit. now the inventory is drying up a little bit in parts of america. whoa. that means prices will go up a little. p bottom line is, if you find a home that you like, that you can afford in an area that's nice, that's great for you and your family and it's not an investment, you don't care if it goes down 10%. >> as long as you have enough to put into it so you don't end up upsidedown the way 23% of homeowners are now. >> it's why so many people are in trouble. one in four mortgages under water. >> yep. >> if that's you, if you are thinking i'm trying to hold on to the one i have, what can i do? what are my options? >> here is the thing. this is the scary number. 11% of the homeowner have -- who are upside down -- >> let me explain. what they owe is more than what the house is worth, so people know. >> 11% of those homeowners, but in 2009. that's a scary statistic. you have to get to the mind set, i need a roof over my head and i'm paying for something that doesn't hold its value. you'll be there long enough to at least break even. you have to live somewhere. >> you have to ta
and we're insuring that perhaps those businesses will stay here in america. >> made in usa.com, why not? this holiday weekend, we want to help some of the people out there that are looking for jobs in these tough times. each hour today, we're bringing you another edition in our on the job hunt series to let you know where you can find some of the jobs that are available. you'll see it only on fox. >>> i like that report, jamie. >> thank you. >> berlin is bustling with holiday spirit as the city holds its annual santa summit. around 100 merry helpers gearing in the german capitol to review the holiday basics from delivering gifts to singing christmas carols. berlin student employment centers sponsors the event and organizers say the real santa needs plenty of helpers to pull off his yearly feat. so they're all being trained in germany. no shortage of helpers. >> the santas will be out soon. >>> gold has been the one sure bet for jittery investors. all these years you hear buy gold. it's safe. but is it about to boom still or bust? that's next. >>> it is the william of the hour on a thank
. >> welcome to a brand-new hour of america's headquarters. authorities believe they know the cause of a tragic train derailment which claimed the lives of dozens. why authorities are now investigating the accident as a terrorist act. >> did the white house party crashers show a weakness in the secret service's screening procedures? we're going to talk to one law maker who wants a congressional investigation. >> and new information following tiger woods' car accident. we're waiting for authorities in florida to release the 911 tapes. today we learned police plan to talk to the golfer. >> this is we're learning new details of just what happened moments after the accident. cops say his wife came to the rescue after he hit a fire hydrant and a tree in his neighbor's yard early friday morning. phil keating is live outside woods' community in florida fellow. police wrapped up their interview with tiger. >> is that right. >> reporter: that's what we all were led to believe here because a couple hours ago, two florida highway patrol vehicles with one investigator in each one entered the exclusive gate
course is now an international pastime. joe johns, cnn, new york. >>> from the cyber highway to america's roads. why ebay may be driving to a town near you. >>> losing weight for a good cause and not just to better your own health. >> the program is called lose for good. it comes from weight watchers and challenges participants to donate a pound of food for each pound of flab they lose. cnn's chief medical correspondent sanjay gupta. >> reporter: rosemary never considered herself obese. >> i always battled weight but not -- i never thought it was a significant amount of weight, maybe five, ten. >> reporter: but when a neighbor mistakenly called her pregnant, she immediately decided to join weight watchers and became a lifetime member. now 12 years later, 31 pounds later, and a weight watchers meeting leader herself, rosemary and the entire weight watchers family are starting to give back in a meaningful but somewhat ironic way. >> we ask our members if you lost a pound, bring in a pound of food to symbolize that weight loss. in turn, we turn it over to city harvest, which in turn donate
bret will be back monday. join me tomorrow, noon eastern, for america's news headquarters. good evening, [captioning made possible by fox news channel] sean: welcome to "hannity." we have carrie prejean, oliver north, country music star sara evans so let's get right to it. >> we'll reveal what happens when wall street tanks. >> stock markets crash. >> bankruptcies. >> foreclosures. >> a global meltdown. >> and the glofment becames. >> by spending a few million dollars to buy congress, wall street was given billions. >> the motion is adopted. >> there has to be some kind of rebellion between the people that have nothing and the people that's got it all. >> everything was being handled by the treasury secretary from goldman sachs. they had congress right where they wanted them. >> this was almost like an intelligence operation. >> this is straight up capitalism. boom. sean: those are a few scenes from michael moore's movie. it tells a dark story about the capitalistic system and urges americans to rise up and fight against it. and believe it or not, the writer, producer, director
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